What our clients say

At every stage, we invite clients to comment on their experience of our services so that we can continually learn from them.  Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received recently:

“I feel our meeting was dealt with the sensitivity, empathy and professional conduct that we required”

“It helped me come to terms with a lot even though it was hard facing my husband”

“It helped my kids have a relationship with their Dad which I felt they needed.  It worked.  My kids are happy and confident and see Mum and Dad and it makes them feel good.  Thanks again.”

“As soon as mediation started, we came such a long way very quickly – we were all definitely liberated from a really bad situation.”

“We also had a chance to discuss stuff rather than shout which helped.”

“The contact centre on a Saturday was the best option for my family and we have been using this service since 2003.  My safety and my child’s safety is no longer a worry through using this service and my child now looks forward to the visits.”

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