Children and Young People’s Counselling

Family Mediation West provide a counselling service for children and young people to give them time to explore their thoughts and feelings about changes they may be going through.

Counselling helps a child or young person to better understand their situation. It can help them cope with their emotions and enable them to make positive choices. Ultimately, it can help children and young people to feel secure, happy and improve their self-esteem. Counsellors bring a wealth of techniques to promote emotional health, including art and play therapy.

Parents of children and young people attending counselling can access our range of family support services – Family mediation, Child Contact Centres and Parenting Apart workshops. Supporting the family unit in this holistic way ensures we are not simply working with children and young people in isolation.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about our Children & Young People’s Counselling service or to book an appointment with one of our professionals.